Tree Pruning / Tree Trimming

Harford County tree pruningCleartree employees truly understand the fine techniques of pruning and trimming your trees. Not all tree companies (or landscaping companies) understand how to prune or trim trees in the right manner. Properly pruning encourages air circulation and reduces wind resistance. Proper tree pruning and tree trimming also will remove dangerous and dead limbs to lower the risk of damage or injury. Proper pruning could also remove crossing limbs to reduce the potential for disease. Pruning and trimming your trees is an art and a science and we take great care in taking care of your trees in the proper manner.

Improper pruning can lead to disease, decay and may eventually lead to the demise of your tree(s). Be sure to understand exactly what your tree professional is suggesting as it is very difficult to reverse an improper pruning or trimming job. There are many situations where trees eventually need to be removed as a result of an improper pruning or trimming job.

We want to improve the health and appearance of your trees. Given the opportunity to discuss your tree pruning and trimming, we can show you why there is a difference between a tree professional and someone or a company with a chain saw.