Is licensing required to perform tree work?
Yes. Maryland requires that a tree company be a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) company to perform tree removal or pruning for any tree more than 20 feet tall. Our LTE number is 1269.

Is insurance required to perform tree work?
Yes. Maryland requires that tree companies carry general liability insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Is Bonding required to perform tree work?
Bonding is not required by law to perform tree work in the State of Maryland

Do all tree companies understand proper pruning techniques?
No. Many tree companies do not employ experienced tree professionals. Quite often these inexperienced employees can prune a tree improperly which can lead to the eventual death of the tree. Hiring an experienced professional with the expertise to prune and trim trees is very important to promoting long-term health of your trees.

Do all tree companies take down and remove trees the same manner?
No. Many tree companies cut corners and take risks to make sense of low pricing. Good tree companies use techniques to lower the risk of damage to your property. Be sure to understand the exact techniques that your tree company will be using to remove your tree(s).

Do all tree companies grind stumps in the same manner?
No. Many tree companies only surface grind the main stump and leave the excess stump grindings on top of the stump. The best tree companies grind below grade and remove the excess stump grindings. This process takes quite a bit more time and is more expensive but it is the best value for the customer. Please be aware that there is a big difference in stump grinding techniques when considering the proposals.